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I have been attending Fingal Health over the past 5 years following a personal recommendation. When I started with Liuwe in December 2014 I was suffering very badly with headaches (mainly migraines) and chest pains. I had gone down the conventional route and had attended hospital for an angiogram. When a neighbour mentioned to me about giving acupuncture a try I was sceptical and I reluctantly went to Fingal Health to find a solution to my problems.

Liuwe took his time to learn about my lifestyle (exercise, diet etc). He was very holistic in his approach and then planned the treatments accordingly. Liuwe concluded that I was “burning the candle in the middle as well as at both ends”. In summary the headaches were caused by stress and Luiwe gave me the tools to combat it.

Anyone who has a fear of needles can be reassured that Luiwe is a skilled acupuncturist and is adept at inserting the needle so that the patient often feels nothing or just a very slight sensation at the needle site. Missing out on the benefits of acupuncture due to a fear of needles would be a real shame considering all the benefits it has provided me.

I found the environment for each session therapeutic, restful and very calming. I always left feeling relaxed and more positive. 

Not only is Liuwe an expert in his field but also very friendly and empathetic. He ensures you get the best care and attention. I have recommended Liuwe to family members and they have also attended and benefitted from his treatments. (April 2020)


I have been attending Liuwe at Fingal Health regularly over the past year for the treatment of vertigo and tinnitus. I had spent the previous 8 months suffering from very debilitating bouts of vertigo during which time I had to miss several weeks of work . I was very low & fed up as the medication prescribed by my ‘traditional’ doctor wasn’t working and the doctors seemed to think it would just pass rather than seeking why the episodes were happening. Liuwe’s treatment of me literally gave me my life back.  

My colleagues & family saw a remarkable change in me as my mood improved & my symptoms lessened. Even people who were skeptical of my going down the acupuncture route are convinced Liuwe’s treatment offered me major relief and benefit. 

Now i am practically free of the vertigo and am able to get back on with my life. I would highly reccomend Liuwe – he is a wonderful practioner , highly professional & calming. Also for anyone who is scared at the thought of needles honestly it doesn’t hurt that much. (July 2018)

I have been a client of Liuwe’s for a number of years, benefitting from his triathlon coaching, running and acupuncture sessions. I can highly recommend all three. He coaches from a holistic point of view, knows when I am doing too much and when I need to step it up. Each run training session is tailored to the individual athletes and any specific events they may be training towards. He recently coached me through an Ironman, providing plenty of helpful tips and feedback along my journey to the start line. A restorative and healing acupuncture session is always a treat, both myself and my husband reap the benefits from it as it helps us stay injury free and healthy all year round. (November 2018)

A long overdue review- Liuwe Greidanus is one of the most enthusiastic and motivated coaches that can be found. His experience along with his very supportive approach means that he tailors his plans to all athletes whether they train alone or in a group with him. Liuwe works hard to understand his athlete’s strengths and challenges which, in opinion is the key to reaching realistic goals and meeting expectations. Thanks Liuwe. (January 2019)

Liuwe has been such a great coach for my introduction to sea swimming last year and again for my introduction to turbo past few weeks. Highly recommend any of Liuwe’s classes! (January 2019)

I’ve attended 11 acupuncture sessions with Liuwe of www.fingalhealth . After 2 years of being very unwell (brain surgery, 30 radiotherapy sessions and 10 grueling months of chemotherapy), Liuwe has completely eradicated my headaches, forehead muscle twitching and greatly improved my overall energy : )

Also as a skilled naturopath, he has given me fantastic nutritional advice along the way which has helped me recover even faster!! Liuwe is very professional and passionate about what he does, I highly recommend a session with him today!! Thanks Liuwe, 5 stars ***** Best (January 2019)